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Benefits of a central ac tune-up

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Spring is here, is your air conditioner ready?

This past week, a family friend tried to run his air conditioner since we started to have some warmer days. To his surprise, his HVAC unit did not work. He gave us a call, and we sent a technician to check his air conditioner.

After some testing, our technician found that the ac compressor was not working due to a failed capacitor. Before replacing the capacitor, he tested the ac compressor to make sure it had no damage. To our friend’s luck, it tested good, so our technician replaced the capacitor and ran the air conditioning unit to continue his diagnostic. After further inspection, he also found a weak capacitor for the fan motor located inside the house, which also got replaced.

Our friend was getting ready to leave for a trip to San Antonio; he was going for an entire week. He asked us what could have happened if the air conditioner had stopped working during that time, our response shocked him.
We explained to him that the compressor would have overheated first and triggered a safety switch to try and save the compressor. But after so many tries, that ac compressor would have suffered internal damage to the windings, causing it to fail. 


What if the capacitor for the fan motor failed, and not the one outside, he asked.
If that had happened, the fan motor inside the house would have stopped working. The compressor would have kept running, pumping refrigerant through the system; after some time, that refrigerant would have started to cause the evaporator coil to freeze up.
The compressor would have eventually stopped and possibly failed due to an incomplete refrigerant cycle. 

Once that happened, the ice built inside the indoor coil would have melted, causing water damage to his ceiling.
The final diagnostic would have been costly repairs beyond a pair of capacitors.

There are safety devices that can be added to air conditioning systems to stop them from working in some cases. Still, maintenance is your 1st line of defense when considering avoiding costly repairs. A small part can cause a chain reaction that could ruin your HVAC system.

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