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Air Conditioner Maintenances Are Not Just For Old Units

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Should I buy a maintenance plan?

One very common question that often comes up, and the answer is YES! Why?

Heating and Cooling equipment in homes is one of the most expensive items that have become a must! Who can live in a house with no heating or ac nowadays? Did you know that approximately more than 70% of homeowners who often need a service repair during the highest demand hrs don’t have a maintenance program? So, what is considered highest-demand hours or peak season?

Typically in the middle of summer between 5 pm and 11 pm during weekdays and during weekends, well… Let’s just say during lighting the smoker and enjoying time with family and friends.

Investing in maintenance, also known as Tune-up, is very important; a tune-up is a preventive service that can save you costly repairs. Most homeowners will wait to schedule a tune-up visit once their heating and cooling system is presenting problems, and most of the time, that is a little too late. Your heating and cooling system needs energy (electricity), refrigerant, and air. If one of those items is out of line, your system will start forcing itself to work harder and longer until important parts like compressors, capacitors, and fans end up failing.

So when should I start investing in maintenance?

Most manufacturers recommend that you invest in a maintenance program after the first or second year of purchasing your heating and cooling system. Typically homeowners will wait until a plan is dirty, not heating or cooling correctly, to start taking care of it. Besides the concept of “preventive maintenance”, you should always keep your heating and cooling system clean so it can run efficiently every time.


Keeps your system clean, invest in a tune-up that will save you money and extend the life of your system.

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