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1 reason why 2 stage air conditioners are better.

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At what temperature should I keep my thermostat?

Very often, we get this question asked by our customers, and the answer is…It depends.
It depends on your comfort level; we often think that my home should be as comfortable as my neighbors if we keep the thermostat at the same temperature setting.
Many factors affect your home’s comfort level, including windows, air leaks, doors, insulation, etc. Today we will focus on relative humidity, which is the amount of water vapor present in the air.

For example, imagine how a summer day feels in Fort Worth, Texas, vs. one in Houston; which one feels more humid and sticky?
A 74 degree temperature in Dallas-Fort Worth does not feel the same as in Houston; this is due to the humidity in the air; the higher the humidity, the more uncomfortable it feels, which causes people to turn the temperature down at the thermostat, and this means higher energy costs.

So what is a solution to a more stable temp? Is it possible to feel comfortable without having to adjust your thermostat?

Some new systems have 2 stages of cooling and 2 stages of heating with a variable speed blower motor; this is beneficial because these systems can now be paired with a smart thermostat that can read relative humidity. So if, for example, your thermostat is set to 74 degrees, but it senses that the relative humidity is high (60% or more), it can tell the blower motor (indoor fan) to reduce the speed. It will also tell the air conditioner system to reduce its speed. By doing so, your air conditioner will run for a more extended period while it consumes less energy, allowing the system inside to remove more moisture from the air as it also cools it down.

So, if you are interested in improving the comfort of your home, give us a call at 817-269-9827 and schedule a FREE quote appointment for your new 2 stage air conditioner.

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