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Getting The Most Out Of Your Heating System

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When the cold season starts, you expect your heating system to work like it should when you need it. Usually, it can keep up or show no signs of struggle until a super cold day hits; that’s when your heater’s capacity is tested.
This almost looks like it is programmed to happen at night or during a cold weekend. So as a homeowner, how can you ensure you are getting the most out of your heating system?

Steps that will benefit your heater

  1. Replace your air filter to prevent overheating due to lack of air. Your heating system has safety devices that will cycle the system off to cool it down when overheating occurs. This on/off short cycle will cause long runtimes and higher electric bills.
  2. Have your heater inspected before the heating season. Your system depends on safety components mentioned above that need to be tested for proper operation. A professional technician should inspect gas lines, pipes, motors, wires, and power usage.
  3. Run a heating cycle before the season; this will eliminate any dust build-up that might have collected in the heater, causing a burning smell that might take you by surprise.
  4. Program your thermostat, and set a schedule to run at desired temperatures during morning, day, night, and weekends. Smart schedules use energy the best way possible; always remember to keep your temperatures no more than 4 degrees apart.
  5. Inspect door and window seals to reduce the amount of cold air leaks into your home during winter since these can make your heater run more frequently with longer cycles.
  6. Replace any old air ducts that have missing insulation or that are not sealed correctly.
  7. Check your thermostat’s batteries; if your thermostat uses batteries, replace them yearly. Corroded batteries can cause your thermostat to act erratically without you even noticing until it’s too late.

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