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AC Dripping Water

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4 Main reasons why your air conditioning system is dripping water

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rusted, secondary,emergency,drain,pan,condensation,water,hvac,attic,metal,pan
Dirty Air Filter

A dirty air filter can result in more than just low cooling and high electric bills. The lack of air in an HVAC system also creates a higher pressure inside the evaporator coil area (where the cooling happens), disrupting how water is supposed to drain.

Clogged Drain Line

Your system removes moisture from the air as it cools it down (several gallons a day). This water needs to drain somewhere; in most cases, a PVC line is connected to the cooling unit to drain that water under a sink, washer box, or under a bathtub. This line gets clogged with buildup from dust, debris, and other contaminants that eventually build up a big enough clog. Some systems have a water sensor (float switch) that turns off the air conditioner when this happens. Other systems have a backup emergency line where the water starts dripping close to a window or door to prevent water damage.

This condensation line os usually flushed during a cooling tune-up

Other Air Restrictions

Air plays a vital role in cooling, energy efficiency, and comfort in an air conditioning system. An air filter is installed in a cooling system to keep several components clean, such as the motor, wheel, evaporator coil, and ductwork. In this case, when a blower wheel cannot pull and push enough air or the evaporator is dirty, the coil starts to freeze up, causing water to begin dripping everywhere.

A Problem In The Refrigeration Circuit

Your system uses a refrigerant to absorb and transfer heat; it changes between a gas and liquid state as it travels through different parts. During the cooling season, coils can leak refrigerant, and TXVs can get stuck, among some of the common issues. This causes the evaporator coil to start freezing up, causing water to drip and drain everywhere.

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