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5 Common Reasons Why Your Air Conditioner Quit Working

You are hot, and a bit frustrated because it is the middle of what was supposed to be a relaxing summer day weekend, but your air conditioner quit cooling.

Who do I call? How much is it going to cost? Can I get someone to repair it today?

We often hear these stories from 1st time customers, and our answer is always the same, your best tool is ac maintenance; you can read more about that on our tune up post. Most of the following parts fail during the hottest part of the day because that is when your ac might be running at it’s highest capacity for longer periods.

So what are the most common reasons why my ac failed?

Your run capacitor has failed.

This part helps the fan and compressor outside when they are running, and it can quit working at any point if it is overworked. According to ac training experts at innovatek1, air restrictions like (dirty condensers and bushes against the unit), worn fan motors, and inconsistent current from loose wires, switches, etc. These and other factors can be the cause of capacitor failure.

Locked or motors not working.​

Locked or motors not working. Most fan motors fail because they have been running under a high amount of stress. This is caused by air restrictions, dirty blower wheels, high static pressure, and weak capacitors.

Frozen evaporator coils.

Frozen evaporator coils. This happens because either there’s is not enough refrigerant going through it or not enough air. So a dirty filter, for example, can stop your air conditioner from cooling. Your system might also be low on refrigerant due to a leak, or something is restricting its flow.

Float switch activated.

Nowadays, most air conditioners have float switches or water sensors that will stop the ac from running whenever the primary condensation line gets clogged. This line is a pvc pipe connected to your home’s main drain, under a sink or tub. Its purpose is to remove the water that your evaporator coil removes from the air that goes through it. This line gets clogged sometimes, and to prevent water damage, technicians install this switch to alert you that something is wrong.

Shorted or locked compressor.

Shorted or locked compressor. This part is the heart of the system; it compresses and runs refrigerant through your system. A dirty condenser coil, bad fan motor, dirty filter, or weak capacitors are among the culprits of this part failing.Your heating and cooling system has many moving parts and sensors that keep you comfortable. Maintaining them in good working order is very important to prevent costly repairs. 

So whenever you need to search for ” ac repair near me,” give us a call at 817-269-9827, and we will do the rest!